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To act as a centre of excellence in learning basic and advanced skills to enable healthcare profession students to be competent in delivering the healthcare needs effectively.


To train and develop necessary clinical skills in medical undergraduate, postgraduate, and paramedical students as per the needs and competency statements of various courses.

To develop and act as a resource centre for such activities and coordinate between various sections for effective delivery.

To develop resources, materials and course curricula required for various courses.

To train and certify the learners and faculty necessary for conducting

Courses or establishing such centres elsewhere.

To provide intellectual support for upcoming centres.

Common courses/workshops conducted

Basic Life Support & Advanced Life Support for interns, postgraduates, paramedical workers, nursing students, Ambulance drivers, students of college & high schools, factory workers, etc.

Basic Surgical Skills for interns, postgraduates, paramedical staff & medical students

Basic Obstetric Skills & Normal Labour

Paediatric Point of Care techniques

Basic Laparoscopic Surgery Skills & many more