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Physiology of today is the Medicine of tomorrow
- (Ernest Starling)

Established in 1910, BLDE Association is committed to the cause of providing quality education, from primary Physiology is an experimental scientific discipline and is of central importance in medicine and related health sciences. It has a long history of two-way interactions with clinical medicine as an experimental discipline. It provides a thorough understanding of the mechanism responsible for the homeostasis of a living system, enabling more effective treatment of abnormal or disease states.

Department of Physiology

We use innovative teaching methods to enhance our teaching skills that provide the foundation upon which we expand our knowledge and understanding of how life processes are deranged by diseases and environmental stress. Students are also exposed to an integrated physiological approach to problem-based learning, clinical decision-making, which will help them during the clinical years and postgraduate medical training.

Hence the department of physiology is fully committed to the principles of Competency-Based Medical Education which are the transmission of knowledge through teaching, generation of knowledge through research and dissemination, and preservation of research through publication.


Integrating Basic life Sciences to the Clinical system.

Training Medical students for Professionalism, Ethics and Lifelong Learners.

To be Globally recognized in the area of Health Sciences Education and Research


To provide Physiology Education with Integrity, Innovation and Excellence

Produce an exemplary globally competent Indian Medical Graduate [IMG].

Quality research in the perspective of Physiology in post genomic era

Extension of Research networks in Trans disciplinary thrust areas.


Advanced Centres for Research: 02

1. Laboratory of Vascular Physiology and Medicine

UNESCO/UNITWIN Network PhD Education and Research Centre under UNESCO Chair holder- Life Sciences (Biophysics, Biotechnology & Environmental Health (2018 -2023)

2. Centre for Yoga & Exercise Sciences

MDNIY Ministry of AYUSH, Govt of India

Faculty with Visiting Professorship at International Medical Schools

60% faculty are PhD holders