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The department of Microbiology was established in the year 1987 with the following vision and mission.



To be recognized for maintenance and enhancement of quality medical education, quality work in research & excellence in diagnostic services.


High-quality education by incorporating cutting-edge technology for undergraduate & postgraduate teaching through ICT-enabled teaching sessions.

Advanced, reliable, cost-effective, accurate & timely diagnostic services with the aid of the Hospital Management system

To pursue research projects in collaboration with national & international premier institutions, which will help improve the health care system.

Applying tools of Pathology science in support of public health and ongoing expansion of medical knowledge.

Milestones of the Department

1987: Establishment of Department, UG Course

2001: PG Course

2005: PG Recognition by MCI

2005: State Reference Laboratory for HIV testing (NABL Accredited)

2010: Ph. D course

2012: M.Sc. Medical Microbiology

2018: Viral load testing laboratory (NACO sponsored)

2020: Molecular Biology Laboratory (NABL Accredited)

Total number of teaching faculty are 7, of which 3 are Professors and recognized PG teachers, 3 are Associate professors, 2 Assistant professors and 4 Tutors. Total number of non-teaching staff are 23. MBBS course was started in 1987 with present intake of 200 MBBS seats. Post graduate course was started in 2001 with present intake of 2 MD seats. PhD course was started in 2010 with intake of 4 PhD seats. The Department also runs MSc. Medical Microbiology.